Back in 2013, I started a blog on lifestyle (that blog btw, hit more than 100,000 views and grew my network to a total of 8,000+ followers on my social media accounts in 3 years - CRAZY SCARY). People won't tell you this but the lifestyle niche is basically an anything under the sun kinda niche. It's not bad as they can be helpful and interesting. However, I got tired of the routine............... AGAIN, THIS IS JUST ME. I felt limited and I wasn't really going anywhere with my dreams. 

Come 2016,  I went on exchange in Athens, Greece. I volunteered at a school to teach kids. It was the same year, I was also FINALLY taking up my majors, wherein I understood the essence of my course, Development Communication all the more. These two things essentially changed the course of my thinking - and well life.

Today, I realize that I want to use the influence and network to volunteering and helping others. To act on the SDGs I advocate for - whether it was online or offline. 

The new quest is to do something more meaningful with my life and for the life of others.

Although it might take a while since I'm working on graduating first I know through simple acts, I might just be able to slowly see that dream take off. 


Well, I haven't thought of anything specific but I hope to fill this space up with more relatable content especially for us students. I'm thinking volunteering, business, and financial kinda posts - not that I'm any expert but people have been every now and then asking me how to either invest money or how to build a blog. We'll see where this boat floats so for now, stick around!

If you'd like me to write about anything (hopefully something I actually can write about) - let's talk! :)


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